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STOVE AND RANGE REPAIR in alhambraMost households rely on stove and range appliances to prepare meals. The state of functionality of the stove and range ultimately determines whether you can effectively prepare food at home or not. Takeaway foods may become commonplace in a kitchen if the stove is broken. For a caterer or hotelier, the consequences of a broken stove and range appliance run deeper than that. A malfunctioning stove interrupts the normal service in the hotel industry.  It is crucial to find competent repair services to restore normal efficient operation of your oven immediately they break down. At Alhambra Repair Service, we do not fancy the idea of any of our clients closing up shop and running losses for something as minor as a broken stove. For this reason, we take it upon ourselves to provide same day service to our clients to minimize the time lost in repairing the appliance.

Why We Treat Stove and Repair with Urgency

In the kitchen, there’s hardly an appliance more dangerous than a faulty or leaking gas stove. All it takes is one small spark to set the kitchen ablaze. It would be a lot more costly to build up an entire house after an inferno razes down a whole residential unit to the ground due to neglecting that whiff of gas you get from your gas oven, or that tiny spark from your electric oven.  At Alhambra Repair service, we act quickly to ensure no such accidents happen. We advise our clientele to immediately contact our hotline when a stove malfunctions, because slight problems detected tend to degenerate into huge issues.

We Value Excellent Customer Care Services

What sets us apart from the other appliance repair services is our ability to consistently provide unrivalled customer service. When you contact us with a repair issue, our very friendly customer care representative immediately takes your details and notes the specific problem you are experiencing. We will then dispatch a team of highly skilled technicians to inspect your faulty stove thoroughly. Once a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem is made, our technician issues the total cost estimate of the repair process to you, to help you make a decision whether to proceed with the repair or not. Besides, the technician will explain to you precisely what needs to be done to restore the efficient functionality of your stove and range appliances. Should you decide to proceed with the repair, we get started on the spot. We only use the best factory-approved spares in our repair work to make sure that the stove and range repair provides a lasting solution. All our technicians will usually have what they need in the truck to get the job done.

The Most Common Stove and Repair Issues We Handle

Our EPA certified technicians have tons of experience in repairing stove and range appliances. Over the years, we have dealt with a wide array of malfunctions. The most common include:

  •    Faulty wiring systems
  •    Defective doors
  •    Overheating
  •    Faulty temperature calibration
  •    Defective timers
  •    Malfunctioning drip pans
  •    Faulty switches
  •    Defective heating elements
  •    Malfunctioning lighting circuits
  •    Too much noise produced by ranges
  •    Range hoods failing to come on
  •    Broken speed controls
  •    Ranges that won’t shut down

The Brands We Work With

We collaborate with all the top brands that manufacture quality stove and range appliances. Some of the most visible brands we are involved with include:

•    Wolf

•    Bosch

•    Whirlpool

•    Viking

•    Scotsman

•    Viking

•    Westinghouse

•    DCS

•    Amana

•    Thermador

•    Kenmore

•    GE

About Us

Alhambra Appliance Repair is one of the leading family owned and managed appliance repair companies in the region. We have the some of the best appliance repair technicians in the country and can therefore guarantee topnotch repair services for all manner of appliances. Besides stoves and ranges, we can also service refrigerators, freezers, ovens, microwaves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and many more. We also specialize in appliance maintenance as we’ve found that with routine service, most of the appliance repair issues our clients contact us for would not be so common. Once we are through with servicing your appliance, we clean up the area. We are committed to making all our appointments as smooth as possible for all our clients.

Contact Us

If you wish to request for repair services, call us toll-free on:  +1 (626) 425-9988