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    The refrigerator is one of the most essential electrical appliances in any household or food vendors’ business premises. One cannot keep perishable foodstuff such as beef fresh for several days without the help of a fridge. The fridge is advantageous to you because of the money saved with bulk purchases of food. The economies of scale can allow you to save a few extra dollars every month. If you are a greengrocer, you will lose considerably more as some of the perishable goods are worth hundreds of dollars if your fridge malfunctions and you postpone its repair. That is why as a greengrocer, you have to act quickly to repair your fridge to reduce the losses you incur.


    A washer is certainly one of the most important home appliances. When it is in the house, you are sure that your clothes will be clean anytime you want. Modern washers do more than just washing. They leave your clothes clean within a very short time. No matter what brand of washer you own, it will serve you without frequent problems provided you take good care of it. But even with the best care, electric appliances will sometimes develop a few repair issues due to tear and wear.


    Do you love to prepare meals from the house? If you do, you know how important the oven is. The oven is equally important to those who run catering and baking business. For an oven to serve you well, it needs to be in good condition. If you entirely depend on the oven to prepare food in the house, it will disrupt your family’s routine if it’s faulty because it will force you to buy food from outside. A broken oven in a bakery, cafeteria, or restaurant can stall activities in your business, at least for the time the oven has issues. That’s why it’s so important to fix any oven problems quickly.


    Every year, during the summer, when the temperatures soar, the icemaker becomes one of the most essential appliances every household can have. Most people prefer to take cold beverages to counter the effects of the sweltering heat of the summer. There is no better way to cool drinks during parties and family gatherings than to throw a few cubes of ice in the beverages. You can also make ice nuggets and flakes if you have the appropriate model of icemaker. With this appliance functioning properly, you do not have to worry about purchasing large packets of ice from local stores.


    Most households rely on stove and range appliances to prepare meals. The state of functionality of the stove and range ultimately determines whether you can effectively prepare food at home or not. Takeaway foods may become commonplace in a kitchen if the stove is broken. For a caterer or hotelier, the consequences of a broken stove and range appliance run deeper than that. A malfunctioning stove interrupts the normal service in the hotel industry.  It is crucial to find competent repair services to restore normal efficient operation of your oven immediately they break down. At Alhambra Repair Service, we do not fancy the idea of any of our clients closing up shop and running losses for something as minor as a broken stove. For this reason, we take it upon ourselves to provide same day service to our clients to minimize the time lost in repairing the appliance.


    The dryer may be said to be the most important appliance, other than the washer, in your laundry room. Without it, life would be difficult and frustrating. That’s because alternative sources for drying clothes can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. That’s enough reason to invest in a high-quality dryer. Of course, one needs to keep in mind that regular maintenance of your dryer will still be required. Without proper care of your dryer, some glitches are bound to happen, as is the case with all other electrical appliances.


    If you own a freezer, there is no doubt you are accustomed to the inconveniences it brings your family when it is not in good condition.A freezer is a very important home appliance. With it, you are able to keep food such as vegetables fresh for a long time. This is especially the case for those who prefer buying groceries in bulk. What do you do when your freezer suddenly breaks down? The prudent thing most people do is to look for an expert to fix whatever problem may have occurred. It is good if the expert is able to fix the problem as fast as possible.


    It is challenging for hoteliers and investors in the laundry business to successfully run their businesses without electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, and dryers. These assets facilitate speedy delivery of goods and services when fully functional. Unfortunately, to most investors’ chagrin, these appliances occasionally break down. A broken washing machine and dryer translates to losses if you are in the laundry business.

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