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REFRIGERATOR REPAIR IN ALHAMBRAThe refrigerator is one of the most essential electrical appliances in any household or food vendors’ business premises. One cannot keep perishable foodstuff such as beef fresh for several days without the help of a fridge. The fridge is advantageous to you because of the money saved with bulk purchases of food. The economies of scale can allow you to save a few extra dollars every month. If you are a greengrocer, you will lose considerably more as some of the perishable goods are worth hundreds of dollars if your fridge malfunctions and you postpone its repair. That is why as a greengrocer, you have to act quickly to repair your fridge to reduce the losses you incur.

Why Should A Broken Refrigerator Be Fixed Immediately?

Well, the main reason a fridge should be promptly repaired when it breaks down is that the foodstuff it preserves will not last long without refrigeration. Most perishables do not survive the second day when stored at room temperature. Another justification for immediate repair is that the condition of a dysfunctional fridge tends to deteriorate if left unchecked. Moreover, if you think of the surge in power consumption when the refrigerator is broken, you would promptly fix your fridge before the power bill skyrockets. Besides, who likes that irritating whirring sound produced by a defective refrigerator? After a long day at work, it would hardly be the ideal environment to unwind when there is a lot of noise in the background. I don’t know about you, but that alone, for me, warrants an immediate call to the repair service offices.

What Should Be Done To A Malfunctioning Fridge?

A broken fridge is an unwelcome bother to most breadwinners who would rather think of ways of putting food on the table for their loved ones. Practically, there are three most common ways to ensure there is a functioning fridge in your house or place of business. Though not pocket-friendly, one way is to buy a brand new refrigerator to replace the broken one. High-end fridges cost a small fortune, making this choice more expensive than other options. You could also opt to repair yourself, which, of course, is a terrible idea unless you are an adequately trained appliance repair professional with the requisite tools of trade. The best alternative is to enlist the help of fridge service professionals. That is where Alhambra Appliance Repair come in; we offer unparalleled expertise in appliance repair. We have at our disposal a specialist group of repair servicemen, who can breathe life into almost any appliance.

The Most Common Refrigerator Issues We Deal With

All of us are generally at peace when our electronics are in mint condition and working efficiently. Sadly, sometimes, electronics break down and need attention from experts just like we do when we fall sick. At Alhambra Appliance Repair, we rectify a range of defects that affect the fridges of our esteemed clients. The most common among them are:

  • Leaking fridges
  • Insufficient cooling of foodstuff
  • Defective freezer compartments
  • Faulty refrigerator lights
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Broken temperature control systems
  • Refrigerators freezing over
  • Malfunctioning water dispensers

The issues listed above are just some of the defects we deal with at our repair workshops. However, there are a host of other issues that we encounter in our daily operations.

You Can Rely On Us

Let’s face it; your family’s diet is more likely to be adversely affected when your fridge malfunctions. At Alhambra Appliance Repair we understand the pressure on the breadwinner on any family without a functioning fridge. One of our main objectives is to timely repair all the defective appliances brought to us for repair. Our team of experts, who have tons of experience, will offer top-notch repair services even with short notice.
We offer an all-inclusive cost estimates to our clients before starting the repair. Moreover, the deal gets better when our clients learn that there is no extra cost for same day requests. Additionally, we use only factory-recommended spare parts to improve the longevity of the appliance’s functional lifespan and quality of our work. We have a toll-free number that is open 24/7 to cater for all types of client work shifts.

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